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 The original Zankou Chicken® was founded in 1962 in Beirut, Lebanon by Vartkes and Markrid Iskenderian. Their moist and flavorful chicken cooked to perfection built a strong reputation around the city as one of the best rotisserie recipes in the area. Served with their rotisserie chicken was Markrid’s very own secret blend…Zankou’s famous Garlic Spread! This often imitated, but never truly duplicated, tangy spread put Zankou Chicken in a category all its own.

Immigrating to the United States, Vartkes and Markrid brought their famous chicken across ‘the Pond.’ They set up shop in bustling Hollywood, CA, bringing this tasty Lebanese Cuisine to a fresh and diverse clientele. In 1984, the first Zankou Chicken opened its doors on the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Normandie Ave.


 Accommodating all walks of life in Hollywood, Zankou Chicken became one of the tastiest and affordable chicken spots in town. The restaurant built a devoted fan base of families, immigrants, locals, actors, musicians, food critics and more.

In 1992, the family, decided it was time to take the Zankou flavor to the masses. While they planned the expansion, Markrid came up with the recipe for the Tarna®, (flame-broiled marinated chicken) which is now surpassed in popularity only by the original Rotiserrie. As the menu expanded, so did their presence in Southern California. In just 10 short years, Zankou Chicken expanded from a single shop in Hollywood, to locations all around Greater Los Angeles and Southern California.  

 Zankou Chicken has been a family-owned and operated business since 1962. This has helped Zankou to keep the finest quality possible in all of their ingredients, while staying true to the original and time-honored recipes created by founders, Vartkes and Markrid.